Boarding FAQs

What does a day in boarding look like?

A typical day in boarding at 两性色午夜:


Time Activity
6:50am 奥补办别-耻辫听产别濒濒.听叠辞补谤诲别谤蝉听补谤别听谤别辩耻颈谤别诲听迟辞听产别驳颈苍听迟辞听驳别迟听谤别补诲测听蹿辞谤听迟丑别听蝉肠丑辞辞濒听诲补测
7:15-7:45am Breakfast in the Dining聽Room
7:45-8:30am All聽boarders聽return聽to聽their聽dorms聽to聽continue聽their聽preparations聽for聽the聽day. Beds聽are聽to聽be聽made聽with聽personal聽and聽common聽areas聽to聽be聽left聽clean聽and tidy before聽school.
8:10am Simpson Only 鈥 Boys are collected from the boarding house and taken to the day school.
8:30am Bell to go to class.
3:00辫尘/听3:25辫尘 End聽of聽day聽school.聽Boarders聽return聽to聽the聽dorms聽and聽prepare聽for聽afternoon activities, such as school聽sports.
5:10pm Dinner: 1st Sitting at the Brisbane Street Campus - Secondary Girls
5:30pm Dinner聽:聽聽Simpson House - Secondary Boys
5:50pm Dinner: 2nd Sitting at聽Brisbane Street Campus - Secondary Girls
6:30pm Prep聽(please聽note聽that聽there聽is聽no聽compulsory Prep聽on聽Friday & Saturday聽evenings)
Year聽9 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽6:30-8:20pm
8pm Supper聽in聽Dining聽Room聽for聽boarders聽when聽leaving聽their Prep聽areas.
After聽Prep聽All聽Boarders聽return聽to聽their聽dorms聽and聽spend聽some聽time聽getting ready for bed, phoning home聽etc鈥
Bed times/ Lights Out 驰别补谤听7听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听9辫尘
Year聽11 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽10pm
Year聽12聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Are to be in their own rooms and quiet by聽10pm


Time Activity
鲍苍迟颈濒听8:45补尘 Breakfast is not compulsory.
9:30am 顿辞谤尘听滨苍蝉辫别肠迟颈辞苍,聽boarders are expected to be dressed.
11:30am Street聽Leave.聽Boarders聽are聽allowed聽unsupervised聽street聽leave聽with聽a聽group of friends.聽Saturday morning street聽leave聽is out of聽uniform.
12pm Lunch in Dining聽Room
Afternoon Sport and other planned聽recreational聽activities.
5-6pm Dinner
础蹿迟别谤听顿颈苍苍别谤 A range of activities are on offer before bedtime.
Bedtime 驰别补谤听7听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听9:15辫尘
Year 9 & 10聽聽聽聽聽聽聽9:45pm
Year聽11 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 10pm
Year聽12聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽In own rooms by聽10pm


Time Activity
Breakfast Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:30am
9:30am 顿辞谤尘听滨苍蝉辫别肠迟颈辞苍
9:40am Boarders attend Church.聽Senior聽Boarders聽have聽quiet聽time聽for聽additional study or聽relaxation.
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Afternoon recreational聽activities
Afternoon Optional Prep聽sessions
5pm Dinner
础蹿迟别谤听顿颈苍苍别谤 Getting聽ready聽for聽bed,聽preparing聽for聽the聽week聽ahead Bedtime/Lights聽Out
Bedtime is聽the same as weekdays.

Parent Access and Communications

How do I know what is happening and can I catch up with my child easily?

Boarding parents will be kept up to date with direct email and phone contact from Boarding House Staff along with parent meeting opportunities, group parent sessions and information provided via our internal communications system, The Hub. There are a variety of events throughout the year that allow our Boarding families to connect 鈥 such as our Boarder Muster 鈥 where parents and the boarder community can connect in a social manner.

Phone communication with your child is not encouraged during the school day.

Whilst we do encourage families to be mindful of boarding routines, scheduled phone calls home are always greatly anticipated by new boarders.聽聽Boarders聽may聽use聽their phones聽at聽specified聽times聽and聽Years聽7-10聽must聽hand聽in聽their聽mobile聽before聽lights聽out聽each evening.

We聽consider聽a聽mobile聽phone聽to聽be聽a聽privilege,聽not聽a聽right.聽As聽such聽boarders聽are聽to聽be聽responsible in聽the聽use聽of their聽phone聽and聽areultimately聽accountable聽for聽any聽material聽sent聽or聽received聽via聽this media. Mobile phone cameras are not to be used in bedrooms and dorms within all Boarding Houses.

Boarding parents and families are welcome to catch up with their child during visits to Tamworth.

The boarder parent of today is connected with life within the boarding house and broader school. For the majority of parents, a trip to Tamworth is a regular event and allows them to take part in school events and also to visit and take their child out on Leave.聽聽Parents are always welcome and able to take out boarders when in town.聽聽

Boarding Wellbeing

What measures are in place to help my child settle in and support them living away from home?

Boarding and school staff, which includes聽nurses, school counsellors and Chaplaincy staff are there to support your child whist in the care of the school at every step of the journey.聽

New boarders are allocated a Boarder Buddy 鈥 who in many ways will guide and mentor new boarders as they adjust to their new life as a boarder.

两性色午夜 also has an established and proven Wellbeing Program that provides a framework of support and guidance to all students. This includes year group Leaders of Wellbeing which have a special focus on the students in each year.

Weekends and Leave

Can my son or daughter visit a friend?

Boarders are allowed to apply for weekend leave to visit and stay with family and friends during the school term.聽

Boarders are able to access Weekend Leave and 两性色午夜 Boarding is very flexible regarding trips home or out with a Host.聽All Leave is recorded via an online platform which allows parents to receive email notification of boarders and their plans and easily respond and provide parent permission.

What do the boarders do on the weekend?

As a boarder at 两性色午夜 Anglican School you are encouraged to reach your potential in your academic聽studies聽but聽also with聽any聽chosen聽sport聽or聽extra-curricular聽activity聽which聽you聽choose聽to become聽involved聽with.

We encourage you to be involved in at least one activity each term, you will need to discuss this with your boarding staff member at the start of the term.

After 3:30pm each day and during weekends there are many activities which you can become involved with. These include but are not limited to School sport, outside school sport, town based recreational activities, drama, dance, cadetship and of course music.

During the weekend boarders participate in a range of activities both utilising school facilites and also accessing all that Tamworth has to offer 鈥 from boarding excursions, fishing, bush walks, cooking, craft, social sports, karaoke and much more.

Recreation/ Sport/Health/Food

What if my child is sick?

Health and Wellbeing are at the heart of Boarding life at 两性色午夜, and our Health Centre is equipped for the care of all boarders.聽聽All medication is kept with the school nurses and boarders are able to access the nurses both during dayschool and boarding hours.聽聽Weekend clinics are run and our nursing staff are on call 24 hours a day.

What is my child has special medical needs?

As a part of the enrolment process each boarder will have an appointment with our Nursing staff and Head of Boarding to review their individual needs.聽聽Where specific plans or care may be required our nursing staff work with parents in planning prior to those boarders entering our community.聽聽

What activities will my son or daughter have access to?

All our Boarders are encouraged to participate in a team sport if possible, as well as pursue any individual interests or sports. In Tamworth there is a diverse range of recreational activities and sports competitions available to students, from equestrian, hockey, rugby union, rugby league, soccer, netball, swimming, gymnastics, dance and many more.

In sport and culture, talented students are able to represent at the Hunter Region Independent School level with pathways to the Combined Independent School and State.

What will my son or daughter be eating?

Each day boarders are provided with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner & supper.聽Fruit聽is聽always聽available聽for聽boarders聽to聽access聽along聽with聽drinking聽water.

All聽聽meals聽in聽the聽boarding聽house聽are聽compulsory,聽except聽for聽Saturday聽breakfast.聽It聽is聽important聽that you聽are聽on聽time聽and appropriately聽dressed.聽At聽weekday聽breakfast聽Boarders聽must聽be聽in聽full聽uniform, at聽other聽times聽it聽is聽important聽that聽you remember聽that聽we聽are聽coming聽together聽as聽a聽community聽and that聽respect聽must聽be聽shown聽for聽each聽other聽and聽ourselves within聽the聽Dining聽Room.

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